Safely create a secured and encrypted user name/password list

Password Safe
Download Password Safe 3.44

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What's new in this version:

Bugs fixed:
- Perform autotype of correct entry when the user changes the selection made by a Find
- The protected entry padlock symbol is now used in all places where a protected entry is listed in any dialog
- If an expired or about to be expired entry is edited at database open (requires warning preference to be enabled), the database will be saved if the 'Save database immediately after any change' preference is enabled. After the open is complete, these changes can be undone/redone if required
- Tree and List views now retain focus when a shortcut entry is created
- Remember Find toolbar state when restoring from minimized
- The virtual keyboard font size setting is now persistent
- Remember if PasswordSafe was maximized when exited

- The option that allows you to change the color of the system tray icon displayed when Password Safe is initially started and when there's no open database has been removed. The standard PasswordSafe brown icon will be used
- Use the Add/Edit font in preference to the Tree/List font outside the actual Tree/List views (since the Tree/List fonts may be too large)

- When exporting a group or the results of a filter, if any additional entries have been exported (e.g. base entries of aliases or shortcuts already exported), they will be noted in the Export report
- The default font for the password field is now 12pt Consolas
- The default font for Tree/List views, Add/Edit fields and an entry's Notes is now 10pt Segoe UI Symbol
- A new symbol (paperclip - Unicode U+01F4CE) to indicate that an entry has an attachment (V4 databases only) has been implemented but, if the currently selected Tree/List font does not support it and the user is not running Windows 10, then the old symbol ('+') will be used
- Close/exit is now allowed via System Tray icon when the database is open in read-only mode
- The list of expired entries now shows protected entries in italics, indicating that they must be unprotected before they can be updated
- The main window can now be set to be partially transparent via Manage->Options->Display

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