Safely create a secured and encrypted user name/password list

Password Safe
Download Password Safe 3.15

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What's new in this version:

Bugs fixed:
- "Open Another" and "Create New" actions in "Incorrect Passkey" dialog box working again
- Prevent creation of a group name with '.', which confuses PasswordSafe
- Can now tab to read-only checkbox in password entry form via File->Open or recently used list
- Track write permission of file in opening dialog: If the user chooses a file with different permission than the original, then the r-o status is updated accordingly
- Better support for Japanese text
- No longer crashes when opening write-protected database
- Can now change a normal entry into an alias or an alias' base entry into an alias of another entry taking its aliases with it
- Incorrect Notes field behaviour when using scroll bars corrected
- Correct colouring of the Dragbar icons after changing selected entry
- Handle invalid time field in database gracefully. Thanks to David B. Martin for his help in tracking this down
- Correct display of tree items on restore from minimize when 'X' button used to minimize
- Ensure XML Import correctly processes normal entries with a password field that is in alias or shortcut form

New Features:
- Implement the CF_CLIPBOARD_VIEWER_IGNORE feature supported by some Clipboard Viewers
- Add feature to display a subset of the password. This is useful for websites that need different particular characters from a password at each login. To access this, select an item, right-click and choose Display Subset of Password
- Remove "[alt]", "[ssh]" and "{alt}" special keywords from URL when copying to the clipboard
- Click on the text next to edit fields to copy the field to the clipboard. Ctrl+Click on the URL will launch the browser. Text will flash to show what it has done (green - copy, pink - launch)

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