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Password Safe
Download Password Safe 3.37

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What's new in this version:

New features:
- The Notes External Editor now accepts environment strings (e.g. %windir%) in the path to the editor.
- If the double-click action (or shift-double-click) of an entry is set to Edit/View Entry, then (shift-) double-clicking on its shortcut will edit/view the base entry. The selected shortcut entry can still be viewed/edited via menu, right-click or just hitting Enter.
- Notes field font is now user-configurable.
- Virtual Keyboard - allow playing sound when a valid or invalid key is pressed and add caption to the Space Bar (Partial implementation of this Feature Request).

Bugs fixed:
- References to base entries are now scrollable, no longer truncated.
- Find in the Tree View will now ensure that any found entry will be visible by scrolling appropriately.
- XML export of single entry using default Password policy now works correctly.
- Display Filter dropdown list of filter fields now fits on low resolution screens.
- Filters containing Password Policy Names now export/import correctly to/from XML.
- Export from a YubiKey-protected database to another database fixed.
- 'Unlock Difficulty' slider is now correctly initialised in the Manage Options Security tab.
- If Password Safe is unable to find the user specified external editor, the external edit is cancelled and the Notes field remains unchanged.
- Group dropdown box width no longer trucates long group paths.
- Toolbar customisation now has correctly aligned text/images.
- Changes to symbol set in default password policy are respected when "Use easy-to-read characters" is set.
- "Open as read-only" check-box correctly set when opening a R/W database after previously opening/selecting a R-O database.
- Show correct icon color in system tray when unminimizing with no database open.
- Autotype on a shortcut entry now picks up title, group and user fields from shortcut instead of base.
- Field modification times set to creation time for list view and entry's time and date tab. This is more useful than "N/A", e.g., for sorting by password modification to find old passwords that should be changed.
- Password Variable in Run Command correctly set when executed from an alias.

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