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Password Safe
Download Password Safe 3.29

  -  15.31 MB  -  Open Source

What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Empty Groups are now persistent (previously a group with no entries would 'disappear' if the database was locked or closed)
- The Last Modified and Password Modified date/times are initially set to show the entry's creation time, instead of being blank
- When comparing databases, you can now display of the details of the entries' differences in the results dialog by right-click -> compare selected entries
- You can now cancel a long running Compare, Merge or Synchronize database operation. Note: You should check the operation's report file to see if the operation was indeed cancelled. If not, you can undo it as all operations)
- Portuguese (Brazil) installation instructions added, thanks to Andreas

Bugs fixed:
- Find now only highlights/select the found entry
- Password Expiration Date now correctly set when using intervals
- Paste into the Notes field (Add or Edit entry) is now always in plain text
- When generating passwords (Ctrl-P), the user is no longer prompted to save changes when pressing Esc if they have selected a Named Password Policy but not generated a password
- Custom special symbol set now handled correctly in Generate Password dialog box
- All date/time fields in the List view are now displayed using the user's "short date" format as specified via the Windows Control Panel "Region and Language" tab
- Fixed crash with Generate Password switching to default policy with > 1 named policy
- Add Group now works again
- Password History is now correctly repaired if found in error during the automatic Validate on database open
- Editing an entry's Notes using an external editor no longer adds blank lines and fully supports non-Latin characters
- Test selected password policy now reflects any edits done to the policy
- Notes Word Wrap during edit now works again

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