A light-weight and easy-to-use password safe

KeePass Password Safe
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What's new in this version:

- KeePass is now developed and compiled using Visual Studio
2005 (with MFC 8.0); older compilers and IDEs aren't
supported anymore
- Implemented C-style interface for plugins (KP_Query and
KP_Call; MFC is not required anymore to build KeePass
- Heavily restructured the source code (extracted KeePass core
library, separated platform-dependent and platform-
independent code)
- Workspace is now locked automatically if Windows is locked or
the user switches to a different account (Windows XP only)
- Improved single-instance behaviour
- Improved support of paths with mixed directory separators
- Improved command-line handling (thanks to Bill Rubin)
- Changed command-line parameter handling for plugin parameters
(thanks to Bill Rubin for this patch)
- Improved plugin handling (DLLs are checked for interface
methods; improved KeePass startup performance)
- Added update checking feature (automatically and manually;
the ChkForUpd plugin project is discontinued)
- Password list is refreshed after auto-typing a TAN number
- Fixed a bug that caused the group focus to jump to the first
group after saving the database (when having the entry-backup
and the delete-backups-before-save options enabled)
- Handle to plugin manager window is passed to plugins in
- When performing 'save-as' the lock files are updated now (the
one of previously opened file is deleted, a new one is
created for the new database)
- Tray menu items are now disabled when KeePass displays a
modal dialog
- Added advanced option to disable the 'save' button if the
database hasn't been modified
- Renamed default file menu items (new, open, save, ...)
- Improved {CLEARFIELD} behaviour
- Other improvements and bugfixes

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