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KeePass Password Safe
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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- Enhanced high DPI support.
- Added trigger action 'Show message box' (which can abort the current trigger execution or execute a command line / URL).
- The 'Database has unsaved changes' trigger condition now supports choosing between the active database and the database that triggered the event.
- Added parameter for the trigger action 'Activate database (select tab)' that allows activating the database that triggered the event.
- Auto-Type: added workaround for KiTTY's default Ctrl+Alt behavior (which differs from Windows' behavior).
- Auto-Type: added workaround for PuTTYjp's default Ctrl+Alt behavior (which differs from Windows' behavior).
- Added up/down arrow buttons for reordering auto-type associations in the entry editing dialog.
- While entering the master key on a secure desktop, dimmed screenshots are now also displayed on all non-primary screens.
- Added support for importing VisKeeper 3.3.0 TXT files.
- The group tree view is now saved and restored during most group tree updates.
- In the main entry list, multiple entries can now be moved by one step up/down at once.
- If Caps Lock is on, a balloon tip indicating this is now also displayed for password text boxes immediately after opening a dialog (where the password text box is the initially focused control).
- In the cases where Windows would display outdated thumbnail and peek preview images for the main window, KeePass now requests Windows to use a static bitmap instead (showing only the KeePass logo).
- Added fallback method for parsing dates/times (the default parser fails for some custom formats specified in the Control Panel).
- Added workaround for .NET ToolStrip height bug.
- Added own process memory protection for Unix-like systems (as Mono doesn't provide any effective memory protection method).
- On Unix-like systems, Shift+F10 (and Ctrl+Alt+5 and Ctrl+NumPad5 on Mac OS X) now shows the context menu in most list/tree view controls and rich text boxes (like on Windows).
- KPScript: for the 'Import' command, a different master key can now be specified using the standard master key command line parameters with the prefix 'imp_' (e.g. -imp_pw:Secret).
- KPScript: added option '-FailIfNotExists' for the 'GetEntryString' command.
- KPScript: added '-refx-Group' and '-refx-GroupPath' entry identification parameters. Improvements / Changes:
- Improved compatibility with ClearType.
- Improved support for high contrast themes.
- When duplicating a group/entry, the creation time and the last access time of the copy are now set to the current time.
- Character picker dialog: initially the text box is now focused, improved tab order, and picked characters are now inserted at the current insertion point (instead of the end).
- Ctrl+Tab is now handled only once when the database tab bar has the focus.
- When exporting to a KeePass 1.x KDB file, a warning/error is now shown if the master key contains/is a Windows User Account.
- Unknown trigger events/conditions/actions are now ignored by the trigger dialog.
- Reduced group tree view flickering.
- Improved default value for the entry history size limit.
- Improved menu check mark and radio images.
- Improved list view column resizing.
- Improved list view scrolling.
- Secure edit control performance improvements.
- In some cases, double-clicking the tray icon now brings KeePass to the foreground.
- Improved concurrent UI behavior during auto-type.
- Auto-Type: improved compatibility with keyboard layouts with combining apostrophes, quotation marks and tildes.
- Auto-Type: improved virtual key translation on Unix-like systems.
- KPScript: the 'EditEntry' command now also updates the time fields of all affected entries.
- KPScript: the 'DeleteEntry' and 'DeleteAllEntries' commands now create deleted object information (improving synchronization behavior).
- Upgraded installer.
- Various code optimizations.
- Minor other improvements. Bugfixes:
- When auto-typing a sequence containing a {NEWPASSWORD} placeholder, the raw new password is now stored (in the password field of the entry), not its corresponding auto-type sequence.
- Synchronizing two unrelated databases now always works as expected.

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