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KeePass Password Safe
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What's new in this version:

New Features:
- The URL override field in the entry editing dialog is now an editable combo box, where the drop-down list contains suggestions for browser overrides.
- Password quality estimations are now computed in separate threads to improve the UI responsiveness.
- The password generator profile 'Automatically generated passwords for new entries' is now available in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
- Added UIFlags bit for hiding built-in profiles in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
- Tags can be included in printouts now.
- Generic CSV importer: added support for importing tags.
- Added support for importing Norton Identity Safe 2013 CSV files.
- Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: added support for importing tags.
- RoboForm import: URLs are now terminated using a '/', added support for the new file format and for the new note fields.
- Added support for showing modern task dialogs even when no form exists (requiring a theming activation context).
- KeePass now terminates CtfMon child processes started by .NET/Windows, if they are not terminated automatically.
- Added workarounds for '#', '{', '}', '[', ']', '~' and diaeresis .NET SendKeys issues.
- Added workaround for 'xsel' hanging on Unix-like systems.
- Converted some PNG images as a workaround for a problem in Cairo/LibPNG on Unix-like systems.
- Installer: the version is now shown in the 'Version' field of the item in the Windows 'Programs and Features' dialog.
- TrlUtil: added 'Go to Next Untranslated' command.
- TrlUtil: added shortcut keys.

Improvements / Changes:
- The 'Open From URL' dialog is now brought to the foreground when trying to perform global auto-type while the database is locked and the main window is minimized to tray.
- Profiles are now shown directly in the password generator context menu of the entry editing dialog.
- After duplicating entries, KeePass now ensures that the copies are visible.
- User names of TAN entries are now dereferenced, if the option for showing dereferenced data in the main window is enabled.
- When creating an entry from a template, the new entry is now selected and focused.
- Empty fields are not included in detailed printouts anymore.
- Enhanced Internet Explorer detection.
- The '-preselect' command line option now works together with relative database file paths.
- Improved quoted app paths parsing.
- Extended culture invariance.
- Improved synchronization performance.
- Improved internal keypress routing.
- Last access times by default are not shown in the UI anymore.
- TrlUtil: improved dialog focusing when showing message boxes.
- KeePassLib/KPScript: improved support for running on systems without any GUI.
- Various code optimizations.
- Minor other improvements.

- Fixed a crash that could occur if the option 'Show expired entries (if any)' is enabled and a trigger switches to a different locked database when unlocking a database.
- The tab bar is now updated correctly after closing an inactive database by middle-clicking its tab.
- Column display orders that are unstable with respect to linear auto-adjusting assignment are now restored correctly.

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