A light-weight and easy-to-use password safe

KeePass Password Safe
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What's new in this version:

- New password quality estimation algorithm.
- Added toolbar buttons: 'Open URL(s)', 'Copy URL(s) to Clipboard' and 'Perform Auto-Type'.
- Added 'Generate Password' command in the context menu of the KeePass system tray icon.
- Added 'Copy history' option in the entry duplication dialog (enabled by default).
- Added 'Duplicate Group' context menu command.
- In the MRU list, currently opened files now have an '[Opened]' suffix and are blue.
- When a dialog is displayed, (double) clicking the KeePass system tray icon now activates the dialog.
- Added {T-REPLACE-RX:...} placeholder, which replaces text using a regular expression.
- Added {VKEY-NX X} and {VKEY-EX X} special key codes.
- Added 'Perform auto-type with selected entry' trigger action.
- Added 'Import into active database' trigger action.
- Mozilla Bookmarks HTML import: added support for groups, bookmark descriptions and icons.
- Mozilla Bookmarks JSON import: bookmark descriptions are now imported into the note fields of entries.
- RoboForm import: added support for the new file format.
- Added support for importing Network Password Manager 4.0 CSV files.
- Enhanced SafeWallet XML importer to additionally support importing web entries and groups from very old export file versions (for newer versions this was already supported).
- Added database repair mode warning.
- Added option to accept invalid SSL certificates (turned off by default).
- Added user activity notification event for plugins.
- File transactions for FTP URLs are now always disabled when running under .NET 4.0 in order to workaround .NET bug 621450.
- Added workaround for Mono list view item selection bug.
- Added workaround for Mono bug 649266; minimizing to tray now removes the task bar item and restoring does not result in a broken window anymore.
- Added workaround for Mono bug 5795; text and selections in password boxes are now drawn properly (a monospace font can only be used on Windows due to the bug).
- Added workaround for Mono bug 12525; dialog banners are now drawn correctly again.
- Added workaround for Mono form loading bug.
- KPScript: added 'Import' command.
- KPScript: the 'ListEntries' command now also outputs date/time fields of entries.

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